Insurance Bad Faith in the Bay Area

Insurance companies owe certain duties to policyholders. Foremost among these are the duties of good faith and fair dealing. When an insurer violates these duties, it is said that they have acted in bad faith. While bad faith is not a concrete concept, some of the more common ways in which an insurer fails to uphold its duties of good faith and fair dealing are:

  • Handling a claim with undue delay

  • Inadequately investigating a claim

  • Unreasonably interpreting a policy

  • Refusal to reach a reasonable settlement

What to do if an insurer is acting in bad faith

Insurance bad faith can be devastating because it often occurs when claimants are sick or injured and desperately need benefits. If you are fighting with an insurance company over insurance fraud, the payment of benefits or insurance bad faith, you should:

  • Send letters to insurance adjusters and the company president. Phone calls are easy to dismiss, but letters demand more attention. Be polite but firm.

  • Document and save any correspondence you have with an insurer. This includes any letters or emails sent to you as well as notes you take during telephone conversations.

  • Keep track of who you speak with and the time and date of your conversation.

  • Contact Bay Area bad faith insurance attorneys. While it is helpful to educate yourself about California insurance laws, bad faith insurance lawyers are valuable assets in a case against an insurance company.

Bay Area Insurance laws

If you are having trouble with your Bay Area insurance, the law protects you from unethical treatment by an insurance company. Depending on where you live, if your insurer unreasonably or unfairly denies benefits, it may be held accountable for:

  • The current value of all future benefits under your policy

  • Damages for losses that resulted from unlawfully denying benefits (such as bankruptcy or the liquidation of assets)

  • Emotional pain and suffering

  • Legal fees (if you have to sue an insurer in court for the recovery of benefits)

  • Exemplary damages—these act as a deterrent to other insurers who may employ similar, illegal tactics to deny/terminate benefits and increase profits

Insurance fraud in the Bay Area

Not only are insurance bad faith practices unethical, they are illegal. But insurance companies are multi-million dollar entities, making it extremely difficult for an individual whose rights have been denied to fight back against the fraudulent practices of an insurer. That is why you need the help of bad faith insurance attorneys in the Bay Area who have the legal experience necessary to stand up to insurance companies.

We can help you fight insurance companies

At DL Law Group, our Bay Area bad faith insurance lawyers have successfully represented many clients. We have taken on some of the nation’s largest insurance companies and recovered millions of dollars in settlements for insured parties. If you have questions about a case or just want to know your rights, contact us for a free consultation.